Thursday, 14 August 2008

August 14th, 2008 MARINA COSTA BAJA, LA PAZ

Sandra's knee continues to mend (see previous posts), as we prepare the boat for a cruise up into the Sea of Cortez. We do repairs, purchase new items for speed and comfort and try to stay cool as the temperature highs range from 36C (98F) to 41C (104F).

The top of the rudder was showing some cracks and a small amount of rot. Repaired with penetrating two part epoxy, two part epoxy filler and new stainless steel caps. Hopefully good for another 28 years. Anchor rollers repaired (damaged anchoring at Isla Isabela in May).

New Dometic 52 qrt fridge, replaces 33 qrt Koolitron. Bigger and more efficient. The Koolitron had trouble keeping things cool enough in 30 C plus heat. New Pelican case provides a safe home for one of the computers when going ashore by dingy and during the frequent thunder storms. Not shown is our "new to us" cruising spinnaker, with pictures to follow when in use. This item came in "as new" condition, complete with a dousing sock. We are very excited about using it this coming week. Stay tuned.

Neighbors, quiet and not so quiet. Schools of fish surround the boat. This one fish was doing a strange dance alongside. The egret looks for dinner and the helicopter lands some high rollers (not us) at the marina.

Sunset at "C" dock, marks the end of another hot day.

Keeping cool in the heat of the day is a BIG priority. Tarps provide shade on the boat. This reduces the interior heat by up to 5 C. Marina Costa Baja has an air-conditioned Cruiser's Lounge, with wireless Internet, library and big screen TV. A favorite spot on hot afternoons. The pool at the resort has no shade during the day and the water is too warm to be refreshing, but is OK in the evenings. Also, it is very crowded at this time of year. When we were here in December 2007 it was more enjoyable (cool and not crowded). Another trick is to go shopping at the mall during the heat of the day, including taking in a movie. Many movies are in English, with Spanish sub-titles. Since arriving in La Paz we have seen, Batman, X-files and Mummy movies. Admission is about $3.20 US each and a large popcorn and two large pop is about $7.20 US. Three 12 volt fans help, but on board air-conditioning would be nicer (maybe after a 649 win ha ha!). We tend to drink over 1.5 litres of water each, plus pop and beer each day. Physical activity only before mid-am.

P.S. Going "comando" helps as well.