Monday, 31 December 2007

December 17th to 27st, 2007 HIGHLIGHTS FROM JAMES'S VISIT TO LA PAZ

Arriving at La Paz International Airport from New York, via Mexico City, only 40 minutes late.

Touring the La Paz waterfront.

James beating mom at scrabble and snorkeling a reef at Partida Cove.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner at our favorite restaurant " Rancho Vejo". Breakfast for 3 $12, including coffee; lunch for 3, including beer, under $20 and dinner for 3 under $30, including 5 beer. To top it off the food is GREAT.

Xmas decor at Marina Costa Baja and aboard SV "Passat II". The Dickinson heater is seconded as a Xmas tree. With temperatures in the mid-20s C it is not seeing any use as a heater.

At the pool Xmas day with Mike and Gladys (SV "Last Mango"). Thx to Mike for the picture of the three of us.

Day trip to Todos Santos and Cabo San Lucas. Cerveza at THE Hotel California. Glass bottom boat trip to the famous Cabo Arches.

James says good-by to the Marina de La Paz Santa on the way to the Airport.

A sad goodbye.

December 21st to 24th, 2007 PARTIDA COVE (ISLA ESPIRITU SANTO)

A pre Xmas sail for our son James to get a taste of the cruising life. Great sail for 1/2 the distance then motor sail to Partida Cove, about 20 nautical miles north of La Paz.

Adult beverages, with neighbours in the anchorage, aboard Passat before the wind came up.

Spent next two days "boat bound" due to high winds (25 knts, gusting to over 35 knts) whistling through the anchorage. Lost a gas "Jerry Can" and the dinghy flipped over with the motor attached. Result is motor that needed major drying out and maintenance (still not working properly!). Only one of the eight yachts in the cove dragged anchor and he left after the first day. We were secure with our 40lb Manson (CQR type) plow anchor, 5 to 1 scope, all 3/8 chain rode AND a 20lb kellet! The main worry was chafe and fire hose on the gold braid spring lines worked fairly well for us.

James and I went for a snorkel at nearby reef to try out new waterproof camera cover. Not bad pictures given that the water was murky due to the wave action. Sandra stayed in dinghy to make sure it did not blow away. It took all my strength and energy, plus James in the water pushing with his fins on to get us back to Passat (see note above about dinghy motor).

Sunday, 16 December 2007


Party #1 with Mike and Gladys aboard SV "Last Mango". Great cake and fellowship.

Party #2, with John and Amanda from SV "Gingi" at the "Three Virgins" restaurant in La Paz. Great food and fellowship. Thx to John and Amanda for these pictures.

December 10th to 15th, 2007 LA PAZ

Italian cuisine night and jam session. BCA Member Paul from SV "Shearwater 10" on guitar and John off SV "Gingi" on trumpet. Sandra and Amanda (SV "Gingi") enjoy 9% Pacifico beer.

December 07th to 09th, 2007 BAHIA MUERTOS

Early start, late finish.

The famous "Giggling Marlin" "Yacht Club" at Bahia Muertos (aka Bay of Dreams). They serve 9% Pacifico beer in the large bottles. Three guesses who had a few (the first two guesses do not count).

Local goat on the beach off a reef. We snorkeled local reefs each morning in water that was 26 degrees C. Unfortunately we do not have a waterproof camera case (yet). The reefs are the home for dozens of colorful fish, animals and plants.

Saturday, 15 December 2007

December 02nd to December 06th, 2007 BAHIA FRAILES

We pass Cabo San Lucas at Sunset on our way to Bahia Frailes.

Views from a hike up Frailes, watching out for cactus and snakes. Thx to Mike off SV "Last Mango for the two bottom pictures. SV "Passat II is the one at center right.

Vulture, lizard (2 shots), beetle and rock crab.

Mike off SV "Last Mango" (now with a perforated elbow), Sandra hanging around and Sandra and Gladys off SV "Last Mango" on the beach. (Last photo thx to Mike.)