Monday, 11 June 2007

Passat II at the Dock

Passat II on the Hard

We spent the first two weeks of June painting the bottom and hull of Passat II and installed the wind steering gear which is an RVG and hopefully we will be a very reliable third member of the crew. At least we know it won't argue with us about the commands that are given!

I thought we would never finish the painting it was a continuous round of scrapping, sanding, taping, painting, untaping, sanding, painting.... that seemed to go on forever in between wind and rain storms.

First Night at Anchor

We spent our first night anchored in the Chatham Islands opposite Cadboro Bay and Royal Victoria Yacht Club. The sunset was glorious and we took it as a good omen for the voyage to come after a rather inauspicious start that required replacing the muffler and getting off the dock at 6:10 pm. When sailing it is important to be flexible as often things don't go as originally planned.