Monday, 26 June 2017


We opt for the marina at La Linea in Spain, rather then one of the ones in Gibraltar, as it was cheaper, had side tie docks (vs Med tie) and had repair facilities on site (for the pulpit repair).  It is a very short walk to the "Rock" and we walked over several times.

Passat II and the "rock"
Night view.
The Marina, from the top of the "Rock".

We remove the pulpit.  Virtually all the welds had been broken.  We also had a "seat/step" built in to assist with access to the boat when on a Med moor.

We do a day trip to Gibraltar and take the cable car to the top and walk back down.

You start out by walking across the Airport runway.

Then up by cable car.

The town from the top.

The locals.

Siesta time.

Happy Hour 2 for 1.


May 4th, we do an overnight passage from Tangier, Morocco to La Linea, Spain (Gibraltar).  One of the busiest waterways in the world.  We seldom see less then 15 ships within 5 miles on the radar and AIS.

Only one near thing.  As we entered Gibraltar, a freighter was on a collision course.  We were unable to raise them on the VHF.  We came to a halt.  So did they.  Then we saw the Pilot Boat go alongside.  We waited, dead in the water, until they moved off then proceeded.  Other then that, lots of evasive action on our part, but no truly close calls.

The radar view.

Tthe AIS view.
Hillside writing in Arabic as you enter the Med.

April/May, 2017 - TANGIER, MOROCCO

Another country, another continent, a new culture...

The "new" marina, partially constructed, still in not open, even though our cruising guide indicated that it was to have been completed two years ago.

We are placed on a high concrete wall just inside the fishing harbor.  It is subject to Atlantic tides and is impossible to get off the boat at low tide.  During our stay we move to a vacated spot further inside to avoid the swell.  Big mistake!  The inexperienced line handlers resulted in our sustaining major damage to our Pulpit.  To add insult to injury we also had our two spring lines ruined by chafe.

Absolutely no services and access to town via an active construction site, at a cost exceeding the full service marinas in Spain.

Check in/out procedures friendly, but bureaucratic and inflexible.  We wanted to leave with the tide/current at 06:30, but were told we could not check out the night before and would have to wait until they opened at 08:30.  Based on our experience it would mean we would not get away before 10:00.  We left on the evening tide, forcing us to navigate the Gibraltar Strait at night.

The merchants are aggressive negotiators. Enjoy the experience, but stressful for those not used to haggling. 

The sights, sounds and smells are very exotic.  The people friendly and helpful.

We are glad we came, but would not bring our boat again, at least until the new marina is finished.

Our boat is across from the fish unloading dock.

Our concrete dock.

Our first location at least had a ladder.

Morocco was the first county to recognize the USA and enjoyed(s) a special relationship, outlined in the American Litigation Museum.  Well worth a visit.

Lots of documents signed by early US Presidents.

The new unfinished marina.

Unfinished marina.

Passat II in the Fishing Harbor.

The waterfront, looking toward the new mosque.

The market was an experience in unto itself.

We take a taxi to the caves of Hercules.

April, 2017 - BARBATE, SPAIN

 On-route, we pass close to Cape Trafalgar in settled weather

 Barbate is a small fishing/resort town with a nice marina, next to a large nature reserve, that includes THE Cape Trafalgar.   We hike part way to it from the marina.  Other than that and the large Tuna sculpture, not much to do as we wait for weather to cross over to Tangier, Morocco.

The town beach.

Tuna is still a part of the town economy.

View East from the nature reserve trail toward marina.

La Torre  to Vigla Del Tajo, built in 16th century to look out for Barbary Pirates.

Sunday, 25 June 2017

April, 2017 - CADIZ, SPAIN

Finally, we are entering new to us waters.  Cadiz is a ancient and beautiful port, with much to offer.  The marina is a couple of km from the old city, through an industrial port area, so we get our daily steps in just going and returning.

Beauty and the anchor.

Our daily hike to town.

Waiting for a mariners return.

Richard the Lionhearted pass through on his way to the crusade.

View from the top of one of the dozens of towers built by the merchants to watch for their ships.

Passat II is in the marina beyond the cranes.
The cathedral from the merchant tower.

We view the city from the cathedral bell tower.

Interesting shots around the city.

Maybe I was here in another life??