Tuesday, 20 October 2009


The Bay of Fundy has over 30 ft daily tides and over 40 ft spring tides. We arrived at low tide and enjoyed a long walk over the beach that would be under 30 feet of water in six hours.

The Magnetic Hill attraction may qualify as the fastest way to spend $5 in Canada. You get to drive "down" the hill and coast back "up". It takes all of one minute, if that.

It is free to get onto Prince Edward Island (PEI), but the toll to get off is over $40. We went over to drive a portion of the the scenic coast, make a short stop in Summerside and take in a lobster dinner. PEI was the only province I had not been in, so it was totally worth the toll. One more thing off the "bucket list".


New Brunswick is the home of the worlds longest covered bridge. I thought they were covered to shed the snow. This may be one of the reasons, but it turns out the prime reason is to protect the structural wood beams from rotting.

Just up the road from the bridge is the Covered Bridge Potato Chip Company. New Brunswick is a major producer of potatoes and this company is a third generation operation producing chips using the old fashioned kettle method.

We could not pass up a photo op with the worlds largest axe. We are the ant sized creatures under the head.

|August, 2009 FREDERICTON, NB

We travelled up the foggy St John River for two days to arrive at Fredericton, stopping for cable ferries along the way.

The legislature building was undergoing repairs, so we were not able to see the inside.

The art gallery is home to the famous Beaverbrook Collection (no pictures allowed). The collection's ownership has been in dispute for several years. Lord Beaverbrook's heirs claim that he lent (not donated) much of the collection. It is in the courts and the lawyers will be the big winners.

The cathedral is truly amazing. Built when the city had a population of less then 10,000, it rivals cathedral's in cities 10 times bigger.

Fresh produce is just a short drive in the country or you can wait for the Saturday market, when the farmers come to the city center. We tried both.

We enjoyed a day sail with Carl & Ruth, good friends and neighbours of my brother and SIL.
My brother Earl and SIL Cindy treat us to sunset drinks at the hotel terrace bar, overlooking the St John River. A perfect end to the day. Thanks again bro and Cindy!

Earl and Cindy's home and one of the two part time house cats. They "pet sit" for friends that travel a lot.