Monday, 2 January 2017

August, 2016 - LAGOS, PORTUGAL

We did an overnight passage to Lagos.  Originally we planned to anchor out just after Cape Vincent, but decided to push on to Lagos.  This was not on my list as it is a tourist town and expensive, but gave in to pressure (happy wife/happy life).

Arriving late in the afternoon, we had to stay two nights in order to see the town.  Very nice beach, lots of shopping and restaurants, but touristy and expensive.

We round Cape St Vincent.

Lots of street vendors.  Sandra buys a cork purse.

The public market.

Featuring lots of seafood.

Including Lobzilla.

Clean attractive town.

Great Sangria.

The entrance to the harbor.

Beach on East side of the river goes for miles.

August, 2016 - LISBOA, PORTUGAL - POST 4 OF 4

As you can guess, from the number of posts, we really enjoyed Lisboa. On our final day we visited the Tile Museum.


Early Lisboa in tile.

What the ????




August, 2016 - SINTRA, PORTUGAL

We took a 48 minute train ride to Sintra.  It is a town high in the mountains that was the summer retreat for the Moors and later the Portuguese Royal Court.  Also, it was a refuge for the royal families of Europe that were in exile from political events.

The Castelo was built by the Moors on the top of a mountain, that had views over the entire area and out to sea.  It allowed for early warning of invasion.  A good workout climbing to the castle and exploring it as there are countless stairs.

The Royal Summer Palace is very colorful and has amazing views as well.

See mirror for handsome man in Tilly hat.

August, 2016 - LISBOA, PORTUGAL - POST 3 OF 4

Back to Belem to take in the Maritime and Coach Museums.  It was interesting to get more information on the early navigators that played such an important role in European trade expansion.  The Coach Museum is the largest of its kind and details the development of the horse drawn coach as a mod of transportation.

Hall of the Navigators.

Early "ships" were only about 4 times the size of our boat.

The coaches ranged from Fire Engines, to mass transport, to luxury coaches for royalty.

Early Pumper.

Used to take spectators to the hunt.

Mail and passenger coach.

Luxury coach.

Fancy rear bumper.

Fancy front bumper.