Sunday, 18 November 2007

November 11-18, 2007 SAN DIEGO

The Police Dock at Shelter Island San Diego was our home for the first 5 days, then we anchored out between the San Diego and Southwestern Yacht Clubs.

Ken's Birthday party aboard SV Rosebud, with his partners Linde & Roger, Steve & Linda, Sandra & I.

David, Linda & Tes on SV Starshine. "The Salon Dock", Christine getting a trim from her daughter off SV Solskin. Farrell was below working on the engine. Cruising = "Working on your boat in exotic locations".

Also, in port were Mike & Gladys on SV Last Mango, John on SV Dream Catcher. We just missed Todd, Susan & Sequoia on SV Sugatta.

The Amtrak station in San Diego is where all the public transportation comes together.

Primates at the Zoo.

The San Diego Zoo a world class venue for the world's animals. We took over 150 pictures, edited down to 68, with our favorites added here.

November 10th, 2007 OCEANSIDE

We motored to Oceanside and spend the night at a dock in front of the "Jolly Roger" Pub. We met Ken, Linde and Roger (the hairy one on the left) from SV Rosebud and had dinner with them in the pub. A great evening with new friends.

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

November 4th to 10th, 2007 NEWPORT BEACH / DISNEYLAND

Jim & Julie on Worldwind, their Westsail 32, were next to us on the Newport Beach Municipal Dock. A beautiful location at the entrance to the harbor, but exposed to swells. To minimize the rolling action we tied to both sides of the dock with several spring lines. The boat was suspended between the docks and the roll action was dampened by the spring lines.

Mickey, Minnie and friends.

Sandra says: Indian Jones? yes. Thunder Mountain? yes, but never again. Matterhorn, no way.

The jungle ride, an original favorite.

King or no King?

Steamboat cruise.

Did we find Nemo?

Disney on parade.