Tuesday, 27 September 2016


We picked up a mooring in the river on our way out of St Malo to wait out the tide. The next day we spent in thick fog, arriving at an anchorage off Brehat Island "sight unseen" so to speak.  We used the automatic fog horn feature of our VHF radio, which sounds off the correct blast every two minutes over the remote bull horn.  We do not use this feature often, but it sure beats watching a clock and manually blasting away on an air horn.  Had one boat and one navigation aid appear out of the fog, but saw nothing else until the fog lifted in the anchorage.

The Ile is only accessible via passenger ferry or personal boat.  The only motorized vehicles are tractors and forklifts (to deliver commercial goods).  The only public transportation is a tractor pulled wagon run by a tour company.  Very quaint.

Very cool, very foggy, but very beautiful in the sunny periods.

The fog lifts in the anchorage, after we arrive.

Passat II in the anchorage.

Small church in town.

What do you do when your dingy is high and dry?...

Find a watering hole...

...and wait for the tide.

Very high end "summer cottage".

Only motorized vehicles on the Ile...

Tidal Mill.

Cross commemorating those lost at sea.

The fog rolls in.

Lighthouse in the gathering fog.

Statue in an abandoned shrine.

May 2016 - ST MALO, FRANCE

St Malo, France has an old walled city, with a Marina just alongside the wall, accessed via a lock.

We arrived to late in the tide cycle to go through the lock, so tried the marina on the river.  It was full due to a rally, so we picked up a mooring ball across the river.  Lots of tidal range and resulting current.  So much so there is a power generating station just up river, using the tidal range.

Very picturesque city, with a strong Canadian connection. This is where Jacques Cartier left to discover New France.  The Province of Quebec maintains a "Maison" staffed by students to attract tourist trade.

The city is protected by Forts on nearby islands.

The main gate.

The rich built tall townhouses to see over the wall.

The wall provides a lovely walk, complete with pubs and restaurants.

The harbor sea wall from the battlements.

Statue of Jacques Cartier.

Quebec tourist "House".

Arty view of the city from the boat at night.

Replica of a French Privateer ship.

Note the eye patch.

Passat II at the dock.