Tuesday, 21 April 2015

April, 2015 - DEN HAAG (THE HAGUE), HOLLAND #1

Den Haag is the capital of Holland and a center for many international institutions, including the Peace Palace.  We would highly recommend a visit.

Our chariot arrives.

Fountains and pumps are everywhere.  Water is not very far from the surface here.

Flowers and flags.

The Peace Palace.  Construction started with a 1.3 million donation from US industrialist Andrew Carnegie

The Peace Palace.  Home to the International Court.

Peace Tree.  Add a ribbon if you like.

Gate donated by Germany.

Bench is not for the ticklish.

Peace Dove Bench.

Perpetual Peace Flame.


Terry, Joann and James visit us just before we leave Ipswich.  then we are delayed a week as Sandra needed to recover from a nasty cold.

I purchased a new European style "snap-on" brass nozzle for the water hose.   It "snapped-off" and fell into the hose connecting the deck fitting to the tank.  After much effort we were able to free the hose and release the nozzle, but it fell into the bilge, between the hull and the aluminum water tank.  Brass and aluminum do not mix.  Over time the brass would eat a hole in the water tank.  It had to be found and removed.  This involved dismantling the pipes draining the shower, using the camera as a scope to locate it and making a tool to drag it out.  Sigh.

We say a fond farewell to Ipswich and sail overnight to Scheveningen, the port at Den Haag.  A great overnight sail with the wind from the SW on our starboard stern quarter.  LOTS of traffic, but otherwise uneventful. We took 24 hours dock to dock.

Pub lunch in Ipswich.

Brass nozzle in bilge.

Locking out of Ipswich.