Tuesday, 6 January 2015

November, 2014 - WE BUY A LAND YACHT NAMED "DEB"

We want to explore the UK and, more importantly, escape part of the winter to Spain and Portugal.  The solution; buy a small campervan.  We find what we want on "Gumtree" the UK equivalent to "Used Victoria".  It is a 1993 ex-ambulance, recently converted to a camper, named "Deb".

Deb's old owners, just back from 6 month Honeymoon in Europe.

Sandra gets used to getting in on the "wrong side".

The couch makes into a double bed.

Pillow reminds me of the 70s.

Three way fridge.  The WC is under the seat on the right.

Two burner stove, oven, sink and TV on the Port side.


We fly back to Ipswich just in time to apply new bottom paint to Passat II before the inclement weather arrived.  The cost of paint here is outrageous!  What would cost $600.00 in Canada, costs $1,200.00 here.  My favorite paint is illegal here in the UK, so I buy the nearest compatible paint available...which happens to be banned in Canada.  Environmental requirements make no sense at all.  I only hope that the UK formulation works as well as the Canadian one.

Note the stylish outfit.  Sandra refused to have her picture taken in hers.