Sunday, 31 May 2009


Titusville Marina, home to several Manatees. These endangered animals are a very passive and many die from being run over by boaters.

Disney Hollywood, stunt shows, with Jame Bond style car chase, Pearl Harbour style attack and Indiana Jones replay. Also, a guest appearance from "Herbie" the "Love Bug".

"We are family." We spent a great week with Sandra's sister Cathy, husband Barry, niece Sara and husband Colin, nephew David and partner Alex. All claimed it was a great time.

Sandra took her own car in Disney Tomorrow Land and proceeded to create a traffic jam. If it was anywhere but Disneyland she would have died from "road rage". We all pretended NOT to know her until we cleared the area.

We saw the shuttle "Endeavor" take off when we were at sea. No pictures of that as it was gone in seconds. The mission was to repair the Hubble telescope. It was a 100% success, so these great space pictures will continue to come for the next 5 to 10 years.

A very interesting "graveyard" recording the history of the rockets used in the space program.

The Disney Animal Kingdom was a great park. My favorite was the Harambe safari.

The Disney entertainment included; the 5th Dimension ("Up Up and Away"), day and night parades and fireworks.

Universal Studios includes The Simpson's, MIB, Horor Make Up Demo and Animal Stars. My favorite ride was MIB, as you got to shoot alians. My favorite animal actor was the dog from MIB II.