Wednesday, 12 May 2010

April 25th to May 5th, 2010 - Belize and Guatemala

We anchor at Placencia, for our last few days in Belize. Lesley and Fern leave us for the showers and air conditioning at the Paradise Resort next to the anchorage. We sneak in to have showers and a farewell drink. In the anchorage is SV "Callisto" from Victoria, with Richard, Selma, Nadia and Aaron aboard. We met them at Lighthouse Reef. They are one of Fern's customers back in Victoria. They are also Bluewater Cruising Association members. It is a wonder we have not met before. We really enjoy their company and hope to see more of them.

To check out of Belize we take the "Hokey Pokey" Water Taxi to the commercial port. Waiting with Sandra are Aaron off SV "Callisto" and Brian & Cathy off SV "Tundra". They are from Ontario, but it turns out Cathy and I (Barrie) went to the same high school. Also, her uncle worked with my father. Scary small world!

We arrive at Livingston, Guatemala, after crossing the infamous Reo Dulce river bar. We managed to get in at high tide without hitting bottom, although our depth sounder indicated no depth below the keel. A Scandinavian boat, on it's way out, was not so lucky. It had to be towed off. SV "Callisto", also from Victoria, anchors next to us. After a quick check into the country we head up the river through beautiful jungle canyons, passing resorts on the way.

After putting the boat "to bed" for the hurricane season we leave from the village of Frontera for Guatemala City, via bus. A six hour (not soon to be forgotten) trip on crowded winding mountain roads, where a double yellow line is considered an invitation to pass. Friends warned us not to sit at the front of the bus and we are glad we took the advise.