Saturday, 2 January 2010

December 31, 2009 - NEW YEARS EVE

All dressed up to bring in the New Year/Decade. Sandra, her mom and sister start the evening with a favorite adult beverage. SIL Joann and her friend Donna warm up the dance floor. Pictionary helps speed the night away. Joann and Terry break out the reading glasses. The printing is getting smaller on those Pictionary cards or the year/ decade is not the only thing getting older. Sandra has to draw the Titanic. Her "Titanic" looked very much like a sail boat. An Oman? I hope not.

December, 2009 - FAMILY XMAS

Family Xmas Italian style (or how to gain 10 lbs in 7 days).

Xmas morning with sons Steve and James and MIL Loretta. Big breakfast not shown.

Xmas day afternoon we join sons Rob and Mike at SIL Joann's, with her hubby Terry, son Stu and daughter Kara. Huge dinner not shown.

Caught in the act!!! Sons Rob and James helping with the washing up. A rare photo op.

Son Mike and Grandpuppy Brock dozing after Xmas dinner.

Son James on Skype with his girlfriend Maria who is in Argentina with her family.

Boxing day dawns sunny and cold, with the North Shore mountains providing an excellent backdrop. We are joined by son Mikes partner Cori. More food not shown.

MIL Loretta's brother Larry, his wife Norma, son Brent his wife Diana, their daughter Marnie, and some of their grandchildren come to dinner.


Xmas trees at the Empress Hotel, with friends Carol and Alex.

Annual Xmas truck parade.

Harbor lights, including the Empress Hotel the Legislative Buildings and parade of boats (the abstract pictures).

September 16th to December 17th, 2009 - VICTORIA VISITS AND BIRTHDAYS

After a short visit in Vancouver we set sail, via BC Ferries, to Vancouver Island and our home port of Victoria.

Helped friend Alex with some boat projects. Does this count as fixing a boat in an exotic location? Just days before two boats and boathouses burned down to the waterline and this boathouse was badly damaged. I got a moment of fame as I was the only one on the dock the day they came to film a followup story.

Starbucks coffee with niece Kara and her boy friend Jared.

We house & pet sat for our friends Mike and Cathy. The dog Fee Bee is so sweet we almost "dog napped" her.

We visited son Mike, his partner Cori and Grandpuppy Brock. Sandra prepared a vegan birthday cake for Cori's birthday that got rave reviews.

Party for MIL Loretta and son Rob, who share the same birthday. Guests included son Mike's visiting Korean student Sing Gin and Grandpuppies Brock and Bob.

Dinner with Bob and Shelley. Great martinis, wine, scotch (pictured) food and pictures of their travels to Ecuador, Peru and the Galapagos Islands.

Visits to Grandma.

Sandra's birthday dinner with Mike and Cathy.