Thursday, 7 May 2015


Enkuizen is home to the world class Zuiderzee Outdoor Museum.  I do not think I have enjoyed a museum this much since Mystic Seaport in Connecticut, USA.  The museum traces the history of the working class in the area.

Postcard perfect.

Interior decor.

High tech transport.

Fashion show:

Tea for two.

Bedtime Story:

Cupboard bed.  Two adults, with a baby in a cradle across their feet slept here.  Adults slept in the sitting position.  Often children slept in the space below.  Very cosy.

Cradle at foot of cupboard bed.



James Bond Trivia:

This yacht was owned after the war by the British Agent 007, who had reported to Ian Fleming during WWII.


We went on an evening walk and happened upon a path that followed the breakwater.  The entire path is bounded by sculptures.  A very pleasant surprise.

Waiting for her lover to return from the sea.  Who can it be?

Blue and green should never be seen, except inside the washing machine.

Could this be who she is waiting for?
Stone art on the Malecon.

Stone radar.

Lighthouse sculpture?

April, 2015 - HOORN, HOLLAND

We motored against wind and choppy seas from Amsterdam to Hoorn.  Hoorn is a great city with lots of interesting architecture and history, particularly related to the Dutch East India Company. 

Exposed skin get sun burnt, or was that frostbite?

The race is on.

Safe on the dock.

It is a fowl neighborhood.

The town has many interesting buildings.

Gate house in old harbor.

Warehouses in the old harbor.

These buildings tell the story of the defeat of a Spanish invasion fleet.

It's a bird, no it's a plane....

Traditional sailing barge, with old prison in background.

Shallow draft yacht, with Lee Boards.

Boys waiting to stow away on a ship.

Sunset on the breakwater.


The Amsterdam Marine Museum was a highlight of our visit.  We went for a 1/2 day visit and spent the whole day.

The Dutch have a long and notable marine heritage.  At one time their navy rivaled the British.  They have a famous Admiral that fought off a British invasion.  Not something we hear a lot about.

Sandra approaches the entrance.

The audio visual effects are excellent.  History is told through a narrator and fictional characters from various walks of life.

The history of mapping is explored.

The rise and fall of whaling.

A replica of a ship from the "Golden Age".

Amsterdam skyline.

River through the rigging.

Ready aim fire!

Steady as she goes.