Sunday, 26 February 2012

January, 2012 - HUT POINT, MX

We sail, yes sail, to Hut Point, just south of Puerto Morelos, to do some snorkeling with son Steve.

We had a great sail and the snorkeling was excellent.  The anchorage was OK, with poor holding (skim of sand over hard limestone).   Luckily we had mild winds for the two nights we were there.

Sun and wind, this is as good as it gets.

Just to prove the sails still go up.

Big fish.

Chef Steve cooks up a Mexican dinner.

January, 2012 - SAN PEDRO, BELIZE

We take the "Jet Boat" from Chetumal, Mx to San Pedro, Belize.  The boat was powered by two 300 hp outboard motors and "jetted" right along.  The first 1/2 of the trip out was against the waves and VERY rough.  I thought I would end up with a compressed disk, but survived.  A movie played but skipped constantly and the sound could not be heard above the roar of the ob engines.  The promised snack did not materialize, but we did get a glass of warmish coke.  All part of the adventure.

The Admiral would not spring for an underwater camera (see previous post), so please refer to previous San Pedro posts for snorkeling pictures.  We enjoyed showing San Pedro to Steve, but find Belize expensive.  This was our third visit and may be our last.

The dock at Chetumal.

Our "Jet" boat.

Our too thin (padding wise) seats.

Our third visit to Elvi's, a great restaurant in San Pedro.  By chance we have had the same table every time.

The cats at "Fido's" restaurant.

Sandra'a Rum Punch at Crazy Canucks Bar.

Steve pitching a horseshoe at Crazy Canuck's.

My turn.  We play two games winning one each, before the beer called us back to the table.

Sign outside Mango's restaurant.  another great place to eat.

We rent a golf cart and go exploring.

The south end of the the "road", Abergris Cay.

We stop for lunch.
We make our mark.

Great rum punch and pulled pork sandwiches.

Kids, so cute when you finally tire them out.

January, 2012 - CHETUMAL, MX

We bus down to Chetumal, the capital of the State of Quintana Roo.  It is a port city on a shallow bay that provides speed boat passage to Belize.  The main point of interest for us was the Museo de la Cultura Maya.  We are only there for less then 24 hours then we are off to San Pedro, Belize.

We forgot all three of our cameras on the boat.  So we now own four!!!

Sculpture outside the Market, in the main square.

Detail of the sculpture.

The Mayan social pyramid.

Mayan fresco.

God of the underworld, who greets you as you pass to the next life.  Cheerful eh?

Our room was clean and had a working air conditioner, that sounded like a truck using it's Jake Brake.  the conctete box spring provided "firm" support.

Sandra & Steve share a wake up coffee at our hotel.

Steve checks out the meat at the market.

The Governor's Palace.

Steve and Sandra on the Malecon.

Canon overlooking the harbour, with the State legislative building in the background.

Art on the Malecon.

January, 2012 - VALLADOLID & EK'BALAM

We visit the colonial city of Valladolid and the nearby ruins at Ek'Balam. The city is beautiful and clean and we found a GREAT restaurant.  The ruins contain the best preserved Mayan carvings.  They were encased in a tomb and avoided erosion by the elements.

We travel via 2nd class bus.  Economical and comfortable for shorter distances.

Iain & Jan, on the bus to Valladolid.

We finally find a great restaurant.

The only downside was the bugs were out and we were their dinner.

full moon over the convent.  We would like to return to take a tour.

The entrance to Ek'Balam.  The steep ramp forces all who enter to get down on all fours.

Original carving, protected from the elements.
One of the palaces.

Entrance to the tomb.

Steve at the top of the main building.


We make our third trip to the world famous Mayan ruins at Chichen Itza.  This time we plan to spend the night in the nearby village of Pista so we can take in the evening light show.  For more daytime pictures see our previous postings.

The main pyramid daylight view.

Pyramid night view with temple in background.


Simulation of the snake god descending the pyramid.

Steve feeds the snake god.

Dinner at roadside diner.  Better food then we had at Mireda at a fraction of the price.  However, no beer!  The men had to walk for a mile each way to an OXXO and return with our much needed beverage.  They held dinner for us.