Monday, 11 June 2007

First Night at Anchor

We spent our first night anchored in the Chatham Islands opposite Cadboro Bay and Royal Victoria Yacht Club. The sunset was glorious and we took it as a good omen for the voyage to come after a rather inauspicious start that required replacing the muffler and getting off the dock at 6:10 pm. When sailing it is important to be flexible as often things don't go as originally planned.


Joann Pierce said...

Glad to hear you are on your way..
The cabin was great this weekend..but we have too many projects on the go.
I am waiting for up dated pictures. Keep in touch..
Love Joann

Cathy said...
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Cathy said...

Hi Sandra and Barrie,

Glad to hear you finally got under way. Hope all is going well. YOur first sunset was fabulous, definitely a good omen. Keep us posted on your adventures. Will check your blog site often.
Love Cathy

Joann Pierce said...

Hi ..
I am tearful and happy all at the same time. I admire your courage and your leap.
The sunset was amazing and I look forward to seeing thousands more.
Love you both..
Happy Sailing

Lesley said...


I hear through the sailing grapevine that you met J & J up north end of the island and are heading further a field on your adventures. Hope all is well. We're all thinking about you and wishing we were with you. I'm finally heading out to the Gulf Islands for a week today. Nice to be off the dock again (although it's not like your trip).

Keep us updated!

Lesley Quin