Wednesday, 9 January 2008

January 02nd to 04th, 2008 LA PAZ TO MAZATLAN

The night watch.

The trip across the Sea of Cortez was started with a bit of chop and ended with calm seas. The wind was from the N, shifting to the NW, at about 15 knts for 27 hours of the 46 hour trip. The wind was on the beam to start, shifting to the stearn. Thus we sailed about 59% of the trip, at 7.0, reducing to 3.8 knots (SOG) as the wind shifted to the stearn. All in all a very good passage for us. The only real negative was no moon for most of the nights, resulting in poor visibility.

When we finally had to start the motor we kept the revs below 2000 rpm so the speed would be below 5 knts. Any faster we would have arrived at Mazatlan before sun rise.

We docked at El Cid at 08:15 and were lucky to get the last available slip.
We were quick to check out the pools and hot tub at El Sid. The Marina is attached to a 5 star resort and we can use the facilities. The cruising life is tough!


Lesley said...

So what your saying is good and all us poor cold souls up north should be very jealous...don't worry, we are!

Elaine/SPPB said...

Hi there ! I'm really enjoying my vicarious adventure as you mosey on down the coast. Thank you for keeping us updated, and all the detail is terrific!