Monday, 4 February 2008

January 31st to February 04th, 2007 MAZATLAN CARNIVAL

Street decor in preparation for Carnival.

The Carnival Queen is crowned within a dance festival. Thx to Mike on SV"Last Mango" for these pictures.

Naval battle in fireworks. By far the best pyrotechnical display we have seen.

A dinner with Jane and Chuck from SV "Tender Spirit" and Mike and Gladys from SV "Last Mango" before the big parade.

The crowd gathers below.
First the sponsor floats. featuring the Pacifico Beer "float" (great foam eh?).

Faces in the crowd. Note the handsome couple in the top row.

The sun sets.

The main event, featuring dozens (hundred + ?) great floats and some bands and dancing. The floats stole the show.

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blgtree said...

You guys are having wayyyyy to much fun

Lynn and Debbie