Tuesday, 26 May 2009

April 28th to May 06th. 2009 KEY WEST FLORIDA, USA

We did a 6 day hop from Roatan, Honduras to Key West, Florida, USA, with one night anchored off Isla Mujeres Mexico. This little Swallow spent two nights aboard, arriving at sundown and leaving at sun up. the first 3 days were sailing the next 3 were motor sailing. We fought the Gulf stream current for one day and had a boost from it one day. The difference was 6 kts!

The enterance to Key West is via a very narrow channel through the barrier reef. We shared the channel with two cruise ships and a navy ship. A minnow amongst whales.

We took a tour, drank with the locals and e-mailed home. The Internet cafe was free for one hour with your purchase, then $6.00 per hour! Sticker shock for us as Central America rates were under $1.00 per hour. At these prices we were not able to update the Blog.

Sites include the Aquarium, mall, E. Hemingway's favorite bar, Old City Hall and the tower used in days past to look out for ship wrecks. Wrecking was a big industry here before the lighthouses were built.

Samples of the street art in Key West. Sponge collection was a big industry at one time, before it was "fished out". Ernest Hemingway was one of the most famous residents. His home is now a museum.

Sunset activities along the waterfront, include sail past, street entertainers and vendors.

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J-G and Fran Nadeau said...

Hi Guys great hearing from you, we have just arrived home, after a pleasant drive up thru the Napa Valley. Gosling is on the hard in Guaymas Singlar.
We have questions.... what are your plans? Why didn't you spend more time in the Carribean? We are surprised you missed Belize.
Love Fran and JG