Sunday, 16 December 2012


Hauling out.
I (Barrie) returned to Guatemala, with friend Alex to haul out Passat II and to tour a bit of the country.  Passat II needs some work to get ready for our planned passage across the Atlantic, from the Caribbean to Europe.
On land sinking.

We sunk up to the wheel hubs in the rain softened yard.

The haul out was an adventure.  Unlike in North America, we were not required to leave the boat before the lift moved.  The lift got stuck in the rain soaked yard. The whistle blew for coffee.  All the workers disappeared.  We were left stranded atop the boat.  After coffee we were able to flag down a worker and get a ladder.  We went for lunch.  When we returned Passat II was safely on the hard.

The surveyor confirmed that Passat II was in great shape overall.  Some rot in the rudder posts needs immediate attention and the Cuttless Bearing has some wear and we are advised to consider replacing it at this or the next haul out.

The bottom blisters are all cosmetic and we can postpone dealing with them indefinitely if we want to.    We opt to have them removed.  Sand blasting the hull was the first step in removing them.  I was away at the time and they sand blasted.  They ended up doing the blister free wood rudder as well.  Sigh.  More work for them (I have a fixed price for the work). 

Why sand blast the wood rudder???

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