Saturday, 8 February 2014


After using so little fuel over the past two years (19 US gallons last season) it was time to clean what was in the tank.  We were still getting 100 hours out of our Racor 500 2 micron filters, but they were getting dirtier each time.  I had brought a number of 10 micron filters and a small pump to rig a system to clean the fuel, but decided to hire a local company as the cost was only $130 US, for the approx. 70 US gallons left in my 120 US Gallon tank.  (Price will very based on ease of access to the tank(s), amount and type of contaminants and volume of fuel.)

Tests showed we did not have any water in the fuel, but there was sediment at the bottom of the tank.

The system was powered by a large electric motor that sucked the fuel out of the tank, through a screen and "gang" of 10 micron filters, then returned the fuel under pressure to dislodge any sediment at the bottom of the tank.  When no further contaminants came through the clear return hose the system was left on for about 10 minutes to ensure that the fuel was completely cycled through the system.

The unit and company phone #.

The "gang" of 10 micron filters.

Owner/Operator Sergio.

Goop caught in the screen.

More goop from the screen.

The finer stuff caught in the filters.

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