Thursday, 7 May 2015

April, 2015 - DELFT, HOLLAND

Tram line #1 goes all the way from the Marina to Delft, the ceramics center of Holland.  Not my usual thing but Sandra insisted and as it turned out I am glad she did.  We started at the ceramics factory and took in three of the most interesting churches we have seen.  The town itself is a lovely example of a Dutch town and plays a central role in the countries history and development of the Dutch royal family.

The usual decorative plates, all hand painted.

The "Night Watchmen" in ceramics.  A small copy available to you for 20,000 Euro.

Architectural ceramics.

My personal favorite.

A period setting.

It takes 10 years to become a master painter.

Delft street art.

The town has three churches, one Catholic and two Dutch Reform.  The Catholics were left alone in Delft during the reformation and they settled around their church.  The area became known as the Pope's Corner.

The Catholic church is much more ornate and has a particularly interesting carving on the pulpit.  One scene shows St Francis negotiating with the Sultan of Egypt.  It is the only known depiction of an Islam person in a Catholic Church. 

The "New Church" is centuries old and is where the Dutch Royal Family is buried.  The "Old Church" is older and has some interesting tombstones.

The Catholic Church is more ornate.

St Francis and the Sultan.

"New Church" does sport a new stained glass window.

Tomb of  William of Orange.

"Old Church" stained glass window.

Interesting tomb decoration.

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