Thursday, 3 September 2015

May, 2015 - GERMANY

We crossed the Em River from Holland into Germany's Frisian islands.  Shifting sands and fast currents make navigation a challenge.  We very much wanted to visit the area after having read "The Riddle of the Sands" and viewed the movie of the same name on You Tube.  We spent the day threading our way through the sands, sometimes waiting aground for the tide to rise.  We passed the Islands of Borkum, Memmert and Juist, arriving at Norderney marina in time to stroll though the town.

Wind surfers in the don't need much depth.

Last Keel-boat of the day racing the tide.

Norderney is the oldest tourist destination in Germany.

May is still off season here.

It was too cool for a beer,

The only swimmer we saw.

Old style change room.

Rental beach chairs waiting for the summer rush.

We left the next day for Helgoland, just ahead of a weather front.  Those that were just a few hours behind us got clobbered by a full gale.

Helgoland is a German Island in the North Sea.  It is a natural stop off on the way to Denmark and Norway.  It's claim to fame is that it is a tax free zone.  The highly taxed Scandinavians keep it alive with their visits to stock up on fuel and booze.  We pick up two 3 liter boxes of wine and a 3 liter box of French vodka for about $12 CDN each.  On the downside we lost our wind vane off our wind steering gear when installing it.  Sigh!

Passat II on the seawall. Wind vane available at bottom of harbor in this location.

Harbormasters office.

Color in otherwise drab island.

Interesting carving.

More interesting carving.

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