Monday, 2 May 2016


Our last Port in the UK was Ramsgate.  No wind in the wake of the stormy weather resulted in a motor sail the whole way from Queensbough.

We meet up with friends Alan and Felicity on SV "Voila" at the marina for a planned joint cruise along the French Coast and Channel Islands.

Waiting for weather we did a day trip to Sandwich.   Famous for the invention of the sandwich (and more recently the drug Viagra) it is the best preserved town of its period in the UK.  In Medieval times it was the 2nd busiest port in Britten.  Now the harbor is silted in and only accessible for small boats at high tide.  Sandwich is currently the European Research Center for drug giant Pfizer, with over 3000 employees at their facilities just outside of town.

The Earl of Sandwich was considered for the position as Earl of Portsmouth, but it was not to be.  Imagine, we could be eating "Portsmouths" instead of "Sandwiches".

We took the self guided walking tour and had lunch at a pub built in the 1400s.

Ramsgate Harbor

Sandwich Guild Hall, now Tourist Center.

Guild Hall stainless window.

Guild Hall meeting room framed by dragon and lion.

Old town wall now provides an excellent footpath.

Pub at bridge toll gate where we enjoyed lunch.

Signal light along the river.

What remains of the harbor.

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