Sunday, 23 March 2008

February 13th to 15th, 2008 CHACALA

I cannot believe we have no pictures of Chacala. It is a small anchorage, with a beautiful beach, clear water and lovely village. The anchorage has a bit of swell so we used a stern anchor, which kept our bow into it, regardless of the wind direction. I went in alone, in the dingy, to report to the Port Captain. The dingy landing area was hidden behind a rock jetty so I did not see it. I attempted to land on the main beach and got rolled in the surf. Everything, except me and the OB motor were in waterproof bags, so the main loss was to my dignity and the 4 hours it took to strip and clean the OB motor (Yes it still works, after this its 2nd salt water bath!). On the plus side I provided the main entertainment for everyone on the beach and in the anchorage. To add insult to injury, the Port Captain was not in.

The water was clear and warm so I finished cleaning the boat's bottom, a project started in Isla Isabela. It takes three 1 to 2 hour sessions to do this, using snorkel gear and a small soft brush.

We really liked Chacala and will have to return to take pictures.

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