Monday, 24 March 2008


With Mike and Cathy as crew, we had a great sail from La Cruz to Punta Mita, then anchored for the night. The next day there was NO wind and the calmest seas we have had so far. As we motored we saw an incredible variety of sea life, including: turtles, some providing a perch for birds, whales, rays, and porpoises. We did not get pictures of the marlin jumping. We anchored in Matanchen Bay in time to witness the sun set over Punta Camarones.

The old Spanish Fort at San Blas overlooks the town and surrounding jungle. It is now undergoing renovations.

The jungle tour at San Blas is incredible. For 90 Pesos (<$9.00) you get a guided tour and a beverage (I chose beer, surprised?) to replace the "precious bodily fluids" lost to perspiration. (Extra points to readers that recognize the movie that the quote comes from.) You have an opportunity to swim in the river and have a meal where the river empties into the swamp. We passed on the swim (snapping turtle / water snake phobias) but we did enjoy a cerveza and snack at the restaurant. Pictures above include a part on an old movie set, a Crocodile, Boa Constrictor and Termite nest.

We took Passat II into the harbour at San Blas to get fuel (cheapest fuel so far at 59 Pacos a liter). Including us, three boats went into the harbour that afternoon. We suffered a knock down, the next boat ran aground damaging it's rudder and the third boat lost it's dingy (It flipped over and broke it's painter). Our damage was limited to a broken strap on the house battery and a flying coffee pot distributing cold coffee and grounds through out the galley, nav station and salon, with a liberal splash on Sandra. I did not know she knew all those @#!%^&* words. Even after 30+ years there are still surprises. All of us were relying, in part, on the advise of the local (self appointed) garu "Captain Norm". In hindsight the surfers at the harbour entrance should have been the best hint.

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