Saturday, 7 August 2010

May 6th to 11th, 2010 - NEW YORK CITY

We arrive in NYC for our third visit on this adventure. It was much cheaper to fly from Guatemala to Vancouver via NYC then to fly direct. What's that all about? Not that we complained as it is a great city and the home of our son James.

We visit the UN Complex for the first time. I take time to chat with the Secretary General before entering the Assembly Chamber. The picture of the Chamber was taken just seconds before a security sweep and our group being "requested" to leave.

The New York Library a (the first???) Private Public Partnership that worked. WOW!

The Cloisters houses the Medieval Art collection. Built to resemble a monastery it really takes you back to the period. Well done NYC, with special mention to the Rockefeller's who not only purchased and donated the land, they bought the land across the river so development would not take place and urbanize the view.

View of the East River from son Jame's apartment. Sandra at dinner with James, his partner Maria and roommate Jeff. Another great NYC experience was make even better because we met Maria's parents, visiting from Argentina. Thx for the hospitality! We look forward to our visit on our return trip in the fall.

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