Saturday, 7 August 2010


Shortly after or arrival back in Victoria we have a visit from Brian & Kathie (SV Tarin), Fleet of 2007 Bluewater Cruiser Association members. We last saw then in Tenacatita, Mexico as they left the anchorage for the Marquesas. They eventually made it to New Zealand and sold the boat and returned to Canada. It was great to catch up with them before they went back to Ontario to work.

Fisgard Lighthouse turns 150 years old. It is the oldest lighthouse on the West Coast of Canada. We toast the birthday with Lighthouse 150 beer, a special brew prepared by a local micro brewery.

The Canadian Navy celebrates it's 100th birthday with a Centennial International Fleet Review. We attend with other CFSA Members on SV "Sea Quin IV". Attending were 19 warships from 6 nations. The Snow Birds give a great air show.

I find work at All Bay Marine Ltd, a chandlery in Sidney, BC. Not much money, but a great place to work and a discount on things for our boat. Sandra hopes to see a bit of the net pay in $$$ (not goods), but no promises.

We host some visiting Rotarian's from Australia and play tourist in our own town for 3 days, including a visit to the world famous Butchart Gardens. A highlight for me was to visit the just completed Merry Go Round. Our son Mike (a carpenter) helped build the building it is housed in.

I also, toured the Legislative Assembly. Our current Lt. Governor, a first nations Canadian, helped carve the canoe in the rotunda. Note the difference in the crests. The first design had the sun setting over the flag. This was changed as the "Sun never set on the British Empire". The glass window had to be ordered prior to the approval due to time constraints and was already made when the change was required.

We take a break at Terry & Joann's cabin to celebrate our nephew and God Son Stuart's 16th birthday. I enjoy sailing on the lake. Sandra is true to her borrowed "Wine Diva" hat. Neighbour Craig battles a crossword. The birthday boy enjoys his spoils. We participate in the first annual
Bonaparte Lake Great Race. Of the 4 teams Sandra and I placed 2nd. The two young guys beat us on time, but should have been disqualified as they did not wear the required life jackets in the canoe. But the judges turned a blind eye. Bribed or simply another gift for the birthday boy???


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