Saturday, 11 December 2010

November 5th to 30th - Guatemamla City & Rio Dulce

We arrive in Guatemala City and stay at Las Torres Apartment Hotel. Basic but clean rooms in Zone 10, the newer and better part of town, near the airport. In the early morning it was 70 F, but a big fire was going in the common room as this was cold for the locals. We were in shorts and shirt, the locals wore jackets.

Back at Mario's Marina I usually got up early for coffee. Sandra never got to see the dawn mist rising off the lake and the local heading for work with his "pilot" on the bow. There are few roads so the river acts as the main street for the "Marina District".

Sandra takes a quick trip to the Bano between downpours. The boat in the picture is SV "Niki Wiki" out of San Diego. We met them in Hualtouco, Mx (on the Pacific side) in November 2008. It was good to get a chance to get to know them better.

American Thanksgiving at Mario's Marina. The marina supplied the turkey and the cruisers the rest of the food. Jim the owner kidding around. Sandra watching American Football. Happy cruisers, full of food and booze.

We visit Castillo San Filipe, built to protect the silver exported from the area via the river from"pirates" (British Privateers). I take aim at one of the personal water craft buzzing around, but unfortunately the cannon was not loaded.

We anchor at Texan Bay for two nights on our way down the Rio Dulce. Very sheltered and calm, but reported to be hot and buggy during the summer.

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