Saturday, 11 December 2010

October 29th to November 5th, 2010 - NYC

I lost one of our cameras traveling between Victoria and Vancouver, so there is a hole in this story as it contained many pictures that had not been downloaded. The up side is now we have a new camera, that came with a more advanced editing system. So you can expect some creativity with the photos from now on.

On our way back to the boat, moored in Guatemala, we stopped off in NYC to visit son James and his fiancee Maria at there new apartment overlooking the East River.

We took in many of the sites we missed in previous visits.

St Paul's Chapel was where President Geo. Washington had his inauguration ceremony. More recently it was a rest center for the emergency workers during 911.

The fountain and a statue in front of City Hall, after I did some extreme editing.

We walked across the Brooklyn Bridge...and back.

Liberty caught on a cell phone. To me she should be pictured in B&W. The original flame is now in the museum, along with full scale models of her face and feet. She casts a BIG shadow. We share a new view of the NYC skyline.

Ellis Island was mainly built out of the fill from the dredging of NY Harbor. The original islet was part of Jersey, but the land has been in dispute as NYC claims that the fill came from them.

Sandra was able to go online and find one of her ancestors came through Ellis Island on his was to Revelstoke, BC. His sponsors in Canada turned out to be his future In-Laws as he ended up marrying their daughter.

I am pictured with the "ideal" Park Guide. Our real guide was informative, but had the demeanor of a very bored and not so civil servant.

The bronze statue is of the first immigrant processed at Ellis Island.

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