Thursday, 3 April 2014

February, 2014 - CIENFRIEGOS (100 FIRES), CUBA

We do the 2 day passage in two stages.  First to Cayo Guano del Este, with its' space ship like light house, then on to Cienfiegos, across an area marked on the chart as prohibited.  All the cruisers and guide books say it is inactive.  To go around would add hours to the trip.  We survived.

The docks at the marina outside Cienfriegos are full and we join the dozen or so boats at anchor.  We call in and are directed to the fuel dock.  Only 2 agencies this time board the boat while we take on fuel and water.

Cienfiegos is a beautiful colonial city, with a square of historic buildings, a museum, a theater and some good restaurants.  The suburb near the marina is called Punta Gorda and has some very interesting Art Deco buildings, built in the 1950s.

"Space Ship" Lighthouse at Cayo Este.

Yacht Club next to the marina in Cienfiegos.

Small Hotel on the water.

Sandra on the Malicon joining Punta Gorda suburb with the city center.

Sidewalk bar in the square.

In the main square.

The Thomas Terry theater is the most interesting site in the city.

The ceiling of the theater.

Sarah Bernhardt was one of the many famous people to play here.

Cuba a car collectors dream.

Building on the square, sadly in need of repair.

Part of a 4 course lunch, cost $10 US.

Example of Art Deco home in Punta Gorda.

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