Thursday, 15 May 2014


To prepare Passat II for the Atlantic crossing we undertook a number of repairs and upgrades.  these included, new cook stove, sail refurbishing, new sail and tiller covers, new EPIRB (with built in GPS),  certificating the life raft, rebuilt wind steering, new plumbing fixtures, new LED lighting, addition of a TV/DVD player, etc...

The main additon was a new Force 10 propane stove.

The external propane locker.

Two 10 lb aluminum tanks.

Pressure gauge to detect leaks.

Electronic monitor detects leaks and shuts down system, if detected.

New LED lighting in the Galley.

New high end plumbing fixtures for Galley and Head.

TV/DVD entertainment.

Rebuilt wind steering.

Avon life-raft is inflated and tested.
4 person life-raft.  A tight fit!!!

Unintended maintenance, after leaving dingy in the water for a month.

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