Thursday, 15 May 2014

April/May, 2014 - PASSAGE TO BERMUDA

We enjoy a good passage, with little to no wind at the start, modest wind from the SE in mid-passage and good S to SW winds at the end.  The low winds at the beginning resulted in a very quiet crossing of the Golf Stream, so no complaints there.  We estimated 8 to 10 days and arrived in 8 days 4 hours and 20 minutes.

Sunny warm weather for most of the way, but had a rain storm just after sighting Bermuda.  A bit of excitement as the wind shifted 90 degrees in just a few minutes, dropping from 15 to 20 knts to 10 knots at the same time.  Took a bit of time to adjust sails as we had to find and don stored rain gear.

Motor sailing on a calm sea.

Sunset over St Augustine, Fl.

alex off watch.

Sandra off watch.

Rain rain go away!

Bermuda in sight.

SV Passat II - Postcard - Underway to Bermuda

No wind and "Susie" seas.  Motoring with the sails up, just for show.  Making only 3.7 knts as that is the most economical from a fuel consumption point of view.

We have crossed the strongest part of the Gulf Stream current, so do not have to worry so much about steep "wind against current" waves. Ha ha.

If the weatherman is correct we should have low winds for up to two more days then the hoped for 15 knts from the NW to take us the rest of the way. We all know how accurate they are.  With our luck we will get the winds, but they will come from the E, on the nose, but we live in hope.

The sun is out in full force so we are working on our tans and reading our books.

Sandra baked Brownies, so morale is high, as is the sugar high.

All is well with us and we hope the same for you all.

Wishing you fair winds and calm seas.

Barrie, Sandra & Alex
At 4/27/2014 5:40 PM (utc) our position was 30°03.90'N 079°13.43'W

SV Passat II - Postcard Enroute to Burmuda

Normally we are a dry boat underway.  To promote high moral(read prevent mutiny) it was decided to permit one adult beverage a day with diner. I reluctantly (Ha Ha) agreed to join in "just to be sociable".

Those who know me well will confirm that I do not think red wine (or mustard) should be allowed on a boat.  The spill / stain ratio is just too high.  The Admiral likes red wine so guess what?  Those that answered "you have red wine" would be correct.

The Admiral has a favorite blanket on board.  It is (was ((foreshadowing))) white with colored fishes on it.

In spite of being in travel mugs on anti slip mats, with their lids on, two of the three mugs went flying.  The lid on the mug with white wine stayed on and caused a minor mess on my shirt and shorts, cleaned up in seconds.  The lid n the mug with red wine flew off, distributing its nearly full contents on my aforementioned white shirt, Alex's shirt and shorts and the Admirals favorite blanket.  After considerable time and effort the stains persist.

Please bear witness that up until this very moment I have not even breathed an "I told you so".  A restraint I do not normally display.

Do we still have red wine on board?  Sigh!  Will it be served while we are underway?  I await the jury's decision.

Wishing you all fair winds and calm seas.

Wining in paradise.

Barrie, Sandra & Alex
At 5/1/2014 2:51 PM (utc) our position was 31°26.05'N 072°03.42'W

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