Saturday, 7 June 2014

May, 2014 - BERMUDA

Our friend Mike flew in from Canada to act as our tour guide of his native Bermuda.  A better guide could not be found.

SV Passat II at anchor in St Georges harbor.

Oldest street in St Georges.

Oldest church in St Georges.

Inside church.

Unfinished church.

Unfinished church picture 2.

Unfinished church picture 3.

Tobacco Beach

Fort St Catherine.

Fort St Catherine from the air.

Stature of Sir George after the ship wreck.

Beauty on the beach.

Beasts on the beaches.

Bermuda hot rods.

Friend and guide Mike takes a break.

A d(r)ip in the pool.

Mike and Alex enjoy a wine.

Steak anyone???

Musket demo.

Wind indicator in Hamilton.

Rotary Clock in Hamilton.

Ferry leaves dock in St Georges.

SV Passat II at anchor in St Georges.

Gun port at fort in Hamilton.

Gunner Alex.

Anchor graveyard.

Time for a bear!

Hamilton harbor from top of church tower.

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John's Island said...

Hi, You have lots of interesting photos here. I was just browsing blogs when I happened upon The Voyages of SV Passat II. Thanks for sharing. John