Friday, 8 August 2014


This is one of the most interesting warships ever made.  It was an iron hulled sailing battleship, with steam axillary power.  So far ahead of its time that it never had to fire a shot in anger.  It was known that no ship of its day could damage her.  She was saved from the scrap yard as the cost of dismantling her was considered too high.  She ended up as a bulk fuel barge before being rescued.

The restoration is stunning.

One of the last warships to have a figurehead.

It took up to 16 men to steer her. 8 on deck and 8 on the deck below.

It took over 700 men to sail her.  Look at all those lines, each with a name.

Cook stove for 700 crew.

Furnace room for the auxiliary steam engine.

All ahead slow.

The engine.

Model, showing how the propeller was lifted out of the water to reduce drag.  It took 500 men on the windless to raise it.

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