Thursday, 7 August 2014

July, 2014 - PORTSMOUTH, UK

Again we enjoy a great sail from Yarmouth to Portsmouth.  See the previous "Postcards" post for details.

The only boats to pass us where flying their spinnakers.

Nelson's ship the Victory is the major attraction here.  Only about 20% of the ship is still original, but all replacements are identical to the original.

Son James boards Victory.

The spot where Nelson fell is marked on the deck.

Nelson, a one eyed, one armed hero.

King Henry the VIII's warship the "Mary Rose" is in the latter stages of preservation.  It sank off of Postsmouth and was found in a very good condition due to having been covered in mud.  It allows us to understand the conditions on ships of that era.

Bronze cannon stood up well underwater.

In about 2 years the drying process will be complete and the duct-works removed.

The ships dog.

The "Crow's Nest".

After a hard day of sightseeing we have dinner at the Haslar Marina, where we are staying.

A converted Lighthouse Ship serves as the marina's restaurant.

The lasagna dinner came with french fries (aka chips) and coleslaw.  British cuisine.

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