Sunday, 17 January 2016

September, 2015 - WHITBY POSTING #2

Reviewing the last post I determined that I did not do Whitby justice, particularly the Abby, so have added the following pictures.

the graves have the best view in town.

The Abby is now in ruins, but must have been magnificent in its day.

Sadly much of the detailing is lost.

Very "Withering Heights".

Ghost of Abby past.

Arched view.
Views of the Old part of town.

Very steep path from the Harbor to the Abby.

More maritime history.

The local museam is first class.  One of the best we have visited.

Water Garden in the Park.

City view through park sculpture.

Sundial, but no sun.


Cool fossils.

Totem from BC.

Dried hand used by burglars as a talisman to ward off discovery.

Chess board and set that took two years to carve out of local stone.

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