Friday, 23 October 2015


We returned to the boat, after a visit back to Canada, with the plan to get to Portugal for the Winter.  The best way was to do a series of overnight passages down the UK, then cross over the Channel to France, then harbor hop down to Portugal.  As with the best laid plans of mice and men, it was not to be.

All started well with a high pressure giving us calm seas, but no wind, so we motor sailed to Whitby, with stops at Peterhead and Blyth.

About to exit the Caledonian Canal.

We set up our "new to us" JRC 1500 Radar.

Our route across NE Scotland.

The sun sets behind us as we head East.

Our stops at Peterhead and Blyth were brief rest stops, with our leaving asap to take advantage of the settled weather.

Our next rest stop was to be Grimsby, but we were advised by several people not to miss Whitby, so we stopped there and were glad we did.  Whitby has an old Abby, in ruins, the Captain Cook museum, a picturesque harbor and excellent municipal museum.  Also, it is the town where "Dracula" was written.  All in all a very interesting town. 

Street mime "Dracula". 

Lobster/crab pots on the dock. 

Local pirate ship.

Harbor entrance.

Abby ruins above harbor.

Outer harbor.

Lift Bridge leading to inner harbor.

Bear on the roof.
The Captain Cook Museum is located in the building where he served as an apprentice merchant seaman. 

Model of his ship.


Cedar cloak obtained at Nootka Sound, BC.

View from the attic where Cook slept.

1/4 scale reproduction of his ship "discovery"

SV Passat II at the Whitby municipal dock.
Art on the dock.

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