Tuesday, 14 June 2016

May, 2016 - LE HAVRE, FRANCE

Another motor sail to the huge port of Le Havre.  We end up on the brand new visitors dock and received a 20% discount as the water and power were not yet hooked up.  This was ok with us as we planned to rent a car with friends Felicity and Alan for a road trip to Bayeux and Paris.

The city was virtually rebuilt from the ground up after WW II.  Well planned, with very good transportation options and an amazing modern cathedral.  One of the few cities in Europe where it is fairly easy to get around in a car.

The cathedral overlooks Passat II at the marina.

Inside the cathedral 1.

Inside the cathedral 2.

Inside the cathedral 3.

Inside the cathedral 4.

The beach promenade is lined with restaurants and bars, seating set up for people watching.
Sunset at the beach.

The Canadian ports connected with Le Harve.

Art in the park.

More art in the park.

War memorial.

City Hall.

Fountain in the main square.

Marble ball rotates in a water fountain.

The opera hall, aka the Volcano.

The library.  Maybe should be called the Flying Saucer.

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