Sunday, 26 June 2016

May, 2016 - PARIS, FRANCE

Our second road trip was to Paris.  This was on Sandra's "Bucket List", even though she had been there in the 1970's.  I went along for the ride.

Other then the wet cool weather and the tiny hotel room (the entire bathroom would fit in our bathtub at home), it was very enjoyable.  We were very lucky we did not come about two weeks later, as the city was flooded out.

Needless to say I have had to edit down the pictures in order to make this posting manageable.

We start with lunch with friends Alan and Felicity.

Love is sharing your French cuisine.

Loony spoons?

We took a ride on the famous Metro.

Our hotel was just a few blocks from the Moulin Rouge.

Note:  We were told our hotel was in the "Red Light District", but saw no evidence of it.

The very impressive Sacred Heart Cathedral.

Night view over Paris from the Sacred Heart Cathedral.

Paris Opera House.

Inside the Opera House.

The "Phantom's" Box.

Eiffel Towed in the rain.

More rain coming.

We take a boat trip to escape the rain.

Paris answer to the London Eye.
I hold up the inverted pyramid at the Louvre.

The Pyramid at the entrance.

The main event at the Louvre.

The Arc de Triumph and tomb of the unknown solderer.

Notre Dame Cathedral.

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