Sunday, 25 June 2017

March/April, 2017 - BACK IN SEVILLE, SPAIN

We take the fast train from Madrid to Seville.  Top speed of 310 km/hr. Arrive in 2 hours 40 minutes.

The boat is as we left it, ready for new bottom paint and recommissioning, but the weather continues cold and wet so we wait.  Finally the cold spell ends and we get to work.

Look Mom, a clean bottom.

It is not all work.  We take in more of the areas sites, including the Roman retirement community "Italica" that Scipio Africanus built for his troops.

Neptune mosaic.

Ongoing restoration.

Theater for about 15,000.

 We also returned to the parks and Plaza Espania.

Street Flamenco.

Unimpressed viewer.

Puppets in the park.

Bird man 2.

Also, we toured the Bull Fighting Ring and took in a professional Flamenco presentation. 

Wow, the professionals are awesome!

And then there was Easter week, with it's endless processions.  Not my thing at all, but  I went to support Sandra's interest.  Happy wife happy life.

Trust the KKK to rip off a religious regalia.

 Finally we are ready to leave.
Passat ready to head down river.

We share a farewell drink with Diann and Nelly

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