Saturday, 3 June 2017

September, 2016 - MADRID, SPAIN

We take the FAST train from Sevilla to Madrid to catch our flight back to Canada.  The trip takes 2 hours 20 minutes, with only one stop in between.  Cars on the adjacent freeway were standing still.  If memory serves, we were going 275 km/hour at times (max speed is 310km/hr).

We had a one day layover in Madrid to get a taste of the city.  In the four blocks from the subway to our hotel the sky opened up and it rained so hard that there was ankle deep water on the streets by the time we reached the shelter of the lobby.  Even the clothes in our suitcases got wet.

We took in a bus tour and the Prado Art Gallery and saw enough to know we would spend more time here on our way back to the boat.

We got separated in the Prado and it is a miracle that we found each other again.  It is a huge maze.

A BIG drop in temperature from Sevilla.

The Royal Palace.

Changing of the guard.

Neptune's fountain.

Outside the Prado.

Inside, before the "no Picture" signs.

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