Tuesday, 13 November 2007

November 4th to 10th, 2007 NEWPORT BEACH / DISNEYLAND

Jim & Julie on Worldwind, their Westsail 32, were next to us on the Newport Beach Municipal Dock. A beautiful location at the entrance to the harbor, but exposed to swells. To minimize the rolling action we tied to both sides of the dock with several spring lines. The boat was suspended between the docks and the roll action was dampened by the spring lines.

Mickey, Minnie and friends.

Sandra says: Indian Jones? yes. Thunder Mountain? yes, but never again. Matterhorn, no way.

The jungle ride, an original favorite.

King or no King?

Steamboat cruise.

Did we find Nemo?

Disney on parade.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sandra ~ delighted you are continuing your journey and love the pictures! I look forward to following your adventures.

Elaine at SPPB

Anonymous said...

Been following the trip...looks like all is going well!

I really miss you at Island Savings ... :o( Kevin left 6 months ago & no new account Mgr. yet.

We are having a typical Victoria November, but don't feel TOOOO sorry for us.

Take care!

Bob & Shelly Lane