Tuesday, 13 November 2007

October 25th & 26th, 2007 SANTA CRUZ ISLAND

SV Sugata in Pelican Bay and SV Fayaway & service vessel in Prisoners Harbor.

We had one of our best sails ever going from Santa Barbara to Pelican Bay. SV Sugata joined us and we had the bay to ourselves for the first night.

We did a dingy day trip to Prisoners Harbor the next day and met Diane & Ted on the SV Fayaway for the first time.

Prisoners Harbour was our first beach landing in serf. We got onto the steep pebble beach without incident, but broke the shear pin on the outboard motor when we tried to launch. Lucky for us the service boat was in the harbor and lent us a pair of pliers to pull the cotter pin holding the propeller on so we could install the spare shear pin. Sandra was impressed that I diagnosed the problem, had the pin on board and could fix it. I was pissed off that I did not have pliers to be able to do the job. Pliers and a screwdriver have been added to the dingy kit.

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