Sunday, 18 November 2007

November 11-18, 2007 SAN DIEGO

The Police Dock at Shelter Island San Diego was our home for the first 5 days, then we anchored out between the San Diego and Southwestern Yacht Clubs.

Ken's Birthday party aboard SV Rosebud, with his partners Linde & Roger, Steve & Linda, Sandra & I.

David, Linda & Tes on SV Starshine. "The Salon Dock", Christine getting a trim from her daughter off SV Solskin. Farrell was below working on the engine. Cruising = "Working on your boat in exotic locations".

Also, in port were Mike & Gladys on SV Last Mango, John on SV Dream Catcher. We just missed Todd, Susan & Sequoia on SV Sugatta.

The Amtrak station in San Diego is where all the public transportation comes together.

Primates at the Zoo.

The San Diego Zoo a world class venue for the world's animals. We took over 150 pictures, edited down to 68, with our favorites added here.

2 comments: said...

Hi guys. Thanks for thinking of us. We really enjoyed meeting you both. I hope we keep in touch and meet up again soon. The photos are wonderful. We are getting all ready for Mexico. More work than i anticipated. I'm driving to Tijuana to get a tooth taken care off. Who knew?? Anyway, we should be getting out of here about the same time as SV Rosebud. We hope. Keep in touch. Linda and Dave--SV Starshine.

Anonymous said...

Great pics! Glad to see y'all are having a blast. Not much new here. Still a slave to the company. Maybe we should jump a plane and rendezvous.
Keep up the good work.
Paul and Lori.