Friday, 14 December 2007

November 24th and 25th, 2007 ABREOJOS

Sun set and "Full Moon Rising". We had only two hours of darkness and a great sail/motor to the fishing village of Abriojos.

The village is set between the Bahia de Bellena and a lagoon with salt flats. We anchored off the church (under construction) and were the only yacht in the anchorage. Eagles nest right in town and the salt flats are home to many birds and sea animals, including the former "crabby" resident above.

We enjoyed a lunch for two at a local restaurant for less then $15 US, including 3 beer. The experience also tested our limited Spanish, so back to the tapes!

The village is near Laguna San Ignacio, the Grey Whale calving area. It is protected and can only be entered with a registered guide. Unfortunately we were too early, as the season is Dec to May, with Feb to Apr being the peak time.

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