Monday, 31 December 2007

December 17th to 27st, 2007 HIGHLIGHTS FROM JAMES'S VISIT TO LA PAZ

Arriving at La Paz International Airport from New York, via Mexico City, only 40 minutes late.

Touring the La Paz waterfront.

James beating mom at scrabble and snorkeling a reef at Partida Cove.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner at our favorite restaurant " Rancho Vejo". Breakfast for 3 $12, including coffee; lunch for 3, including beer, under $20 and dinner for 3 under $30, including 5 beer. To top it off the food is GREAT.

Xmas decor at Marina Costa Baja and aboard SV "Passat II". The Dickinson heater is seconded as a Xmas tree. With temperatures in the mid-20s C it is not seeing any use as a heater.

At the pool Xmas day with Mike and Gladys (SV "Last Mango"). Thx to Mike for the picture of the three of us.

Day trip to Todos Santos and Cabo San Lucas. Cerveza at THE Hotel California. Glass bottom boat trip to the famous Cabo Arches.

James says good-by to the Marina de La Paz Santa on the way to the Airport.

A sad goodbye.

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Lesley said...

Ahhh...if I've ever seen a look of contentment and relaxation on your faces it is in these pictures at Christmas! It looks like spite of the dinghy "incident". Now Barrie you know what it's like to have an outboard that doesn't work properly!