Saturday, 23 April 2016

April, 2016 - CHATHAM - POST 2

Large wood ships must be seasoned after the keel and framing is complete.this can take 6 months to 2 years.  To speed this process covered slip ways were constructed, first in wood, then cast iron then wrought iron.  At the time they had the largest unsupported spans in Europe.  The wood roof beams are a work of art in themselves.

Sandra provides a reference for the scale of the structure.

The three Warships on display are the HMS Gannet 1878, and HMS Cavalier 1944, HM Submarine Ocelot 1962.

Gannet is a composite teak over iron sailing ship, with auxiliary steam engine driving a propeller that was lifted into the captains cabin when not in use.

Our guide, Malcolm, at the helm.

Motto added when ship was used as dormitory for a private school.

The canon can be moved to fire out ports on either side of the bow.

Hole for propeller in Captains Cabin.

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