Saturday, 23 April 2016


We return from our break in Canada to complete a number of boat projects, including (but not limited to) new standing rigging, adding Lazy Jacks and Windex repair.  It seemed that I was up the mast every day, weather permitting.

The standing rigging was done by Kingston Rigging out of Lowenstoft.  To keep the costs reasonable we did much of the labor ourselves.  Tim Kingston made up the SS rigging and did a bang up job on tuning the rig after installation.

We stayed at Lownestoft Yacht Services Marina/Yard.  Very basic facilities, offset by very friendly and helpful owner, Paul, and reasonable moorage rate.

We pick up a mooring in the Orwell River on our way to Lowenstoff and enjoy an evening of boat watching, before settling for the night.

Traditional barge drifts by.

Sunrise on the Orwell at Pin Mill.

Lowenstoft Yacht Services marina.
Removing the old Back Stay.

Look Ma, no Back Stay.

Some of old rigging, ready for recycling.

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