Saturday, 23 April 2016

April, 2016 - CHATHAM - POST 3

The Cavalier was the last of the WWII destroyers to be retired from service (1972).  She was the last destroyer to be built with an open cockpit, even though she was destined to serve in the arctic, on convoy duty to Russia.  BBBBUUURRR!

Crew fuel.

Crew Mess, sometimes had 6 inches of water running across the floor.

Crew bunk.

Officer's Mess, no water on floor here.
Officer's bunk.

Open Cockpit.  Note no wheel.

The steering station is below (and heated).

The Ocelot was the last Warship built for the British Navy at Chatham.   Three more "O" Class submarines were built here, all for the Canadian Navy.  The Canadian submarine "Okanangan" was the last Warship built at Chatham.

Sonar located in hump on bow.

We had to get through 4 small hatches.

Crew "hot bedded" on tiny bunk beds in the mess.

16 cylinder turbo charges diesels.

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