Wednesday, 6 July 2016


We have a great sail from Sark to Isle Maitre.  Dolphins  crossed our bow as we sea trialed our new sails made by the Dolphin loft.  We took this as a good omen.

This group of tiny islets and reefs is between Guernsey and Jersey, There is one and only one deep water mooring ball.  The currents prevent all but the bravest from anchoring.

We arrived at the same time as a French boat, but had lowered our sails outside the anchorage.  While they lowered their sails we were able to secure the mooring.  They tried some of the shallower moorings, but in the end decided to move on.

The mooring is a private one, but reported to be seldom used.  We were lucky as the "Richardson" did not come to use it that night.

The wind was against current for a good portion of our stay.  This forced the Bobstay against the mooring buoy making an irritating noise.  I finally managed to reduce the irritation to a tolerable level by attaching a flat fender across the bow.

We test the new Foresail in a run downwind.

A Dolphin inspects the Foresail.

Fender across Bobstay to reduce rubbing noise.

The only developed islet in the group sports what appears to be a B&B.

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