Wednesday, 6 July 2016


We motor sailed in 10 to 15 kt headwinds, mild seas until we hit the race at Cap De Hague, then it was like a washing machine, with 2 meter standing waves, until we rounded.  Then a very fast passage to Guernsey, assisted by current.

We took the public bus around the island,  enjoyed the local sites and had one of the best dinners out we have had in some time.

The big event was the arrival of our new sails!  We bent them on, with the help of Alan and made some 18 tote bags out of the old main sail, with all the sewing done by Felicity.  A big thank-you to them!

St Peter's Port.
Interesting boat name and mooring.

Passat II in the outer harbor.

Alan helping bend on the new Main Sail.

I learn how to adjust the new full baton fittings.

Our old Main Sail recycled.

Flagpole erected to commemorate the liberation from the Germans.

The high street.

Guernsey flag.

City gardens.

Victor Hugo was exiled to Guernsey.

Skyline church spire.

Skyline tower.

We take a walking tour of the town and learn some interesting trivia.

Major General Sir Issac Brock (War of 1812 savior of  Canada) was born in Guernsey.

This gargoyle helps make this the closest church to a pub in the UK.

Historian demo of unique curved shutters still working after 100s of years.

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